Midwest Originals – Saturday, April 1, 2017

Midwest Originals is a blues-rock band based out of Indianapolis. The four-piece rock band originally met one another during their hockey carriers. Playing against each other for several years, they found themselves crossing passes again in the state of Indiana where they realized their joined appreciation for music. After playing several times together the group started writing their own brand of original music and has never looked back. With the band mates all coming from different backgrounds of music they have taken a little bit of each others styles blending it together as their own. With such genres as, classic rock, delta blues, southern rock, pop punk, ska, bluegrass, and country the band has come up with a sound that best exemplifies the American Midwest.

Midwest Originals draw their name from the fact that over the last couple decades, they have collectively been to every state in the U.S. and spent time living in a large portion of them. However, they always find themselves residing again in the Midwest, the crossroads of America.

- the Staff of Whiskey Business, Indianapolis, IN